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The Knoxville Double is scheduled for September 3oth, 2023, with the staff ride one week prior on September 23rd. It will be run very similar to Knoxville '22. 

Please note: The course will be slightly different from last year as we are hoping to start in Fairfield, CA instead of Vacaville.  This change if possible should allow us to have a more refined sign in and out for the ride as well as possibly more secure parking for our riders.

Details for registration for both the public ride as well as the workers ride will be available some time in June if not sooner. 




We, the Quacks! (or officially, the Quackcyclists) are a group of friends & riders who would like to give something back to riders everywhere who have provided companionship, support, and overall good times for us on so many other great rides. We ride for fun, we ride for the challenge, we ride for the fellowship.


We have decided to work together for the purpose of organizing, promoting, supporting, and running two long distance bicycle rides, specifically the Devil Mountain Double in the Spring and the Knoxville Fall Classic Double Century in the Fall.


Quackcyclists may also engage in other cycling related activities, and agree that no matter what, their friendship and loyalty to each other is more important than any activity, event, or situation they may find themselves in.


Quacks don’t take themselves too seriously, but we do take what we do seriously. It’s about friendship, loyalty, enjoying and appreciating life, and giving back to others for the blessings we have received.

In all our years, our most requested products have been from Hammer Nutrition. They have been a huge support to all our events over the years and we are very grateful to them again this year. You can find out more information about their products on their website.




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